Why choose us?

Why CHoose Us?


As one of the major centers for business and foreign trade in the world, May’s has a series of competitive advantages that are difficult to match. Our advantages goes from the inventory of products, financing, shipping, and immediate delivery as well as competitive prices and the strategic location of Panama for international trade. As one of the largest and most diverse One Stop Shop businesses on the continent, May's mobilizes more than 10.000 containers per year.

The space devoted to customers is a showroom that is unmatched in the region. Thanks to this place, located at the heart of the international trade activity, May’s is seen in Latin America as a reliable option where different categories of products can be found and goods can be acquired almost immediately. Here the customer can see the product, feel it, touch it, verify its color, category, and functioning. Solly Chreim, deputy manager, sums it up clearly: “in China, you would have to go to 2,000 factories to buy what I have here.”
Having a powerful financial arm allows May’s to carry out large-scale operations. But what is more important is that it gives May’s the ability to leverage the transactions of its most loyal customers by offering them possibilities for commercial loans with terms between 90 and 120 days. Thus, the clients that buy at May’s have the potential to reduce the risk of undermining their company’s cash flow as a result of purchasing goods.
To maintain flawless sales, distribution, and storage operations which allow customers to received goods on time and in perfect condition, it is necessary to carry out great logistics in all of the processes based on expert human talent. It all starts with the operation in China, where the company has offices and works with more than 500 factories to bring 95% of the goods to Panama. Here, in the Colon Free Zone is the heart of the business in the showroom and in the storage center.
May’s business is based on the volume of products it handles. And May’s knows that the success of the operation depends on having a turnover in its three months. By providing immediate delivery, May’s is able to compete against the savings a customer makes when purchasing products in Asia.
The location of May’s in the Free Zone of Colon - 400 tax-free hectares - gives it the ability to offer the customer delivery of goods at the port in no more than 21 days, a valuable promise that cannot be satisfied by traders in the East. In addition to four port terminals located a few meters from the distribution center, the products will arrive on time and in excellent condition from the north entrance of the inter-oceanic canal regardless of whether or not the end customer is on the Atlantic or the Pacific coast.

The Business

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